Product Features:

No ongoing annual fee

Fast and accessible internet banking system

Flexible Repayment Schedule:

Choose Weekly, Fortnightly, or Monthly Repayments to Suit Your Needs

Free redraws

Unlimited additional repayments

Loan Niches:

  • Special pricing for Ultra Prime borrowers
  • AVM valuation available
  • Custom pricing suitable to loan products
  • Flexibility in DTI

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Australian Residents and citizen living and working in Australia
  • No defaults, arrears and late payment
  • Borrowers with ongoing income as PAYG or Self employed


  • Standard Residential
  • Single Dwelling on one title
  • Minimum 50 Sqm (Internal) – $1000 Sqm
  • Apartment/Units (up to 70%)
  • CAT 1 and Metro